Analysis of white fang

Summary Analysis In the spring, White Fang is a year old, physically full grown, and can hold his own against the camp's older dogs. An elderly hound, Baseek tries to intimidate White Fang into surrendering a prime piece of moose meat. White Fang almost relinquishes it, but defends his right to eat by attacking Baseek.

Analysis of white fang

Summary Analysis The bulldog, Cherokee, and White Fang are released into the ring, but regard each other nervously and with confusion. Neither one is sure how to attack his opponent. Their fight is long and slow, more a struggle than the quick attacks White Fang is used to.

Note that White Fang once before was attacked by an animal biting his neck when the yellow weasel attacked him as a baby.

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White Fang is about to give up his struggle to live, when a man named Weedon Scott, and his musher, Matt, arrive. When White Fang can no longer perform, he only brutalizes him further.

Active Themes Horrified by the scene, Scott punches Beauty in the face and yells at the crowd, calling them "beasts" and "cowards. They pull the dogs apart. Active Themes Though Beauty resists selling White Fang, Scott intimidates him into forfeiting his ownership rights and buys the dog for one hundred and fifty dollars.

Beauty can lord over dogs but not over other men, further illustrating both his cowardice and the weakness inherent in bullying—there is always someone stronger. Cite This Page Choose citation style: Retrieved September 16, Jack London’s White Fang: Summary “White Fang” starts out with 2 men and a group of 6 sled dogs traveling across the Arctic with a dead man in a coffin.

This group was . White Fang is a novel by American author Jack London (–) — and the name of the book's eponymous character, a wild wolfdog. First serialized in Outing magazine, it was published in White Fang, written by Jack London, is a wonderful adventure novel that vividly depicts the life of a wolf by the name of White Fang.

Throughout the course of the novel, White Fang goes through numerous learning experiences as he interacts with humans and other . White Fang is full of sparse descriptions, without a lot of flowery phrases, that get right to the bloody point.

Analysis of white fang

He also enjoys lots of action and violence, whic Plot Analysis. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in White Fang, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

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As mentioned in the analysis of the first two sections, this part of White Fang seems more like a separate short story. London was a master of the short story, and this side story deals with many of the same themes that White Fang deals with.

London uses this tale to describe the setting of the North and to tell about the constant struggle of life for survival.

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