Eating disorder essay thesis

Thesis Statement Writing Tips These research papers discuss issues relating to abnormal attitudes towards food, and which change eating habits and behaviour. Study of eating habits and behaviours has been on focus for some time now, especially since they carry damaging results such as increased obesity among children.

Eating disorder essay thesis

If you say "Everywhere one looks today," you can't claim to be looking all over the world or even all over America.

And you can see a lot of women who appear to have eating disorders especially eating too muchbut you can't claim to see that "our culture places a very high value on women being thin. I think you should focus on Americans, and possibly only on American women.

Some eating disorders are caused by stress and are tied into depression and anger resulting from the pressures of modern living. Our culture places a high value on women being thin, often leading to bulemia and anorexia.

Many eating disorders stem from problems with women's self-images caused by the popular media. These problems continue to grow and can only be solved through research, educatioin, and legislation.

I don't know what you intend to say in your paper, but it seems to me that in your conclusion you need to talk about what can be done, what is being done, what should be done to help.

If that is too difficult, you might talk about some clinic where they specialize in treating women or just young girls with eating disorders.

The implication might be that more such clinics would be helpful in coping with this growing national crisis. If you can identify such a clinic, you could probably get a lot of printed information from them by requesting it via e-mail.

I think it is a good idea to discuss the various kinds of eating disorders and the causes in the middle part of your paper. I think you should stick with women, because men's eating disorders may be a whole different issue and just complicate your paper. In any essay you are trying to sell something.

Eating disorder essay thesis

What is it you are trying to sell in this one?A thesis statement should tell the reader your belief about something and demonstrate that you have evidence to support that belief. Your thesis statement could say that you believe "eating. Eating Disorder Essay - Bulimarexia Changed My Life - Bulimarexia Changed My Life It was a frigid day in September , and I was on my way into school.

This was the first day of school, in my Senior year. Everyone said it is suppose to be the best year of your high . Eating Disorders Essays Words | 6 Pages. Eating disorders are a group of conditions characterized by severe disturbances in eating behavior with either an extreme reduction or an extreme increase of food intake, which negatively affects the individual's mental and physical health.

There are two main types of eating disorders – anorexia . Eating Disorders Essay. Tabitha HernandezMrs. HammillBiologyJune 11th, Eating Disorders Eating disorders are a worldwide problem and effect the lives of many.

Women are much more likely than men to develop an eating of three women have eating disorders, most of these women began to have the eating disorder due to stress, depression, and anger. In discussing the causes of eating disorder, a researcher can focus on the main cause in writing the thesis statement.

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For instance, asserting that the lack of parental guidance on best eating habits among children is the major cause of eating disorders as the thesis statement.

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