Empowerment of the employees in the hospitality industry essay

Relationship between Performance and empowerment 5. Relationship between Performance and Motivation 5.

Empowerment of the employees in the hospitality industry essay

The first part is the assessment of the Human Resources HR challenges and issues faced by the hospitality and tourism sector which are; Rapid technological change, Recruitment, high labour turnover and the issue that Human resource Strategic cannot be measured. The second part of the main body of the essay will discuss how both hospitality and tourism sector need an efficient and motivated staff to deliver a high quality service to their customers and who can work together as an effective team.

Within this discussion, staff categories basing frontline employees and their importance has been explained, different leadership styles and their roles on overall employees performance, empowerment and the importance of empowering staff, benefit of employee retention and the development of effective teams have been discussed.

Empowerment of the employees in the hospitality industry essay

Third part is the conclusion and fifth part is all about bibliography. Hospitality is a frequently used title for different sectors of the hotel and catering industry, and can be expanded to cover all products and services offered to the consumer away from home including travel, lodging, eating, entertainment, recreation and gaming Knowles, p 3.

Like tiredness from work when people travel far for business purposes. Generally tourism to me means the situation where people travel outside their community and stay more than one day in the destination place. In this world of globalization where the whole world has been like one village we have many tourists all over the world travelling from different places to different destinations.

For instance African continent receives a number of tourists every year, Botswana many tourists visit to see Delta, In Zimbabwe to see Water Falls, in Tanzania to see and climb Mount Kilimanjaro as well as to see the attractive national parks.

Empowerment of the employees in the hospitality industry essay

Also many people now days travel for business issues, studying and many other reasons. Hospitality and tourism industries are two different things but integrating each other.

People travel from different places when arrived to the destination places they experience differences and they demand a number of services such as food, drinks, accommodation and sometimes conference cervices.

All these services are provided by the Hospitality industries. Human Resource challenges and issues Rapid technological change Development of technology where people serve themselves in different day to day service.

This has lead to the need of let say a job done by ten people now it is done by 2 people because of technological machines.

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This is a challenge in the sense that, still human being is a resource companies have to depend on. This is because when machines get breakdowns many people miss the service they want on time which is fully of disappointment especially the moment they need it mostly. In Hospitality industry, people can serve themselves on Buffet and booking on-line but still human resource is important in monitoring to make sure everything goes well.

Recruiting right candidates has been a challenge as the nature of works in Hospitality and tourism industries are more professional on their own. High turnover Labour turnover is becoming a big issue and challenge hospitality and tourism industries are facing. This is because of the nature of the job that they require students, youth who are always inpatient to stay long in one company.

Also these industries cannot pay high salaries due to the nature of their business operation thus high turnover. It is a challenge for the companies to achieve low turnover at the same time ensuring wise employee retention.

Employee retention which allows changing with the technology to deliver best and quality service. Human Resources Strategic cannot be measured. The performance and all activities carried on by human resource cannot be measured like it can be to other fields like finance and others. Here the only thing to be done is through screening and assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of work particularly in meeting deadlines.

This can be obtained through things like attendance records, time management, and reliability.Moreover, as job satisfaction and service quality also play an essential part in the hospitality industry, the author examines if and how, through empowerment, the overall service performance increases, and if and how em-powerment contributes toward an increase in employees’ job satisfaction.

Employee empowerment means turning over decision-making responsibilities and authority to front-line employees.

In the hospitality industry, enabling your sales, service and kitchen staff to make decisions can improve morale and increase customer service in responding to problems. Does Empowerment Motivate Employees in the Hospitality Industry (Sri-Lanka) to Increase Performance - Shameena Silva - Master's Thesis - Business economics - Personnel and Organisation - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

Nov 22,  · Empowerment therefore has positive service implications for the hospitality industry and a positive effect on employee responsiveness and customer satisfaction as a result of creating self-efficacious behaviour.

The restaurant setting provides an opportunity to study some human resource development issues in the hospitality industry from both the customer and employee perspectives. Employees are one of the key elements in the operation of a successful hospitality business. The purpose of this study was to identify aspects of employees' work environment that were related to their feelings of psychological empowerment in a luxury hotel group.

Data were collected through the administration of a self-completed questionnaire. Exploratory and confirmatory factors analyses were run to purify the scales measuring the two constructs before testing the relationship using.

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