Engineering the lean enterprise: 5s essay

While other aspects such as after sales could have been included in this list, it is the problem-free nature of the operation of a product which really wins customers. Lean manufacturing ultimately sets out to simultaneously target all the above issues, rewarding both customer and manufacturer with hugely significant gains. By supplying the customer with a product of higher value while using much less means to get there, lean manufacturing truly is a bi-winning solution. It is a philosophy which above all else is enabling adoptive businesses to become leaders in their respective sector.

Engineering the lean enterprise: 5s essay

Experts tells us that lean organizations have better systems and experience improved profitability. Customer satisfaction, of course, is considered the central focus in the lean approach and the idea is to remove any activities that the customer will not be willing to pay for i.

Some commonly stated goals of Lean are improving quality, increasing efficiency by eliminating "waste" and decreasing costs.

But beyond these goals, which most everyone would agree on, the strategic elements of Lean can be quite complex, and comprise multiple elements.

Four different notions of lean have been identified: The path to lean will not be straight and it never ends. Don't let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of being "better" today. But the biggest mistake that some people make is looking at Lean as only a set of tools or something that you do and then are done with - a bit like a project.

Instead, the real gains come when it becomes a way of managing and is part of the fabric of your company. Here are a few ideas on how you can successfully implement Lean management: Start with action in the technical system; follow quickly with cultural change In order to make a strategic Lean approach work, process operators have to work in process related teams, rather than their current functional ones.

Teams need to become truly self-directed, allowing problems to pick the people required to solve them from within the teams rather than management picking the problems and assigning them to people to solve.

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This means starting with the tools but quickly realizing that Lean requires a change in thinking and managing. Most lean implementation failures are not due to failure to grasp the tools and techniques but a failure of change management.

Ensure that all members of staff are correctly coached This avoids conflict and delivers a management group that can facilitate change with the teams working for them and so remove waste efficiently.

In practice, this means learn by doing first and training second. Unfortunately, you cannot PowerPoint your way to Lean. The Toyota Way — often held up as the epitome of Lean - is about learning by doing. The Toyota approach to training, for instance, is to put people in difficult situations and let them solve their way out of the problems.

The Oliver Wight Approach, on the other hand, is to run an action-based learning event to both educate the team in Lean and its application to a process. This is achieved by facilitating the team in creating value stream maps of the current process prior to goal setting and the team creating a new Lean process, along with an implementation plan and budget.

Start with value stream pilots to demonstrate lean as a system and provide a "go see" model One of the key lean tools is that of "Value Stream Mapping".

This tool when used correctly enables us to create a map of both value and waste in a given process.

Engineering the lean enterprise: 5s essay

This map can then be used to understand the waste and its causes before moving on to remove it so that value flows without interruption of waste When developing the current state map, future state map, and action plan for implementation, use a cross-functional group consisting of managers who can authorize resources and doers who are part of the process being mapped.

Value stream mapping should be applied only to specific product families that will be immediately transformed.

Engineering the lean enterprise: 5s essay

Use Kaizen workshops to teach and make rapid changes Use a talented and experienced facilitator who has a deep understanding of lean tools and philosophy but keep training focused on a specific problem.

This helps to keep the training relevant to real world situations and ensures that there are tangible outcomes from training activity.Our Industrial Engineering and Project Management expertise can design your facility, update your as-built drawings or consolidate and expand your facilities.

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Transport Re-engineering and LEAN Management GEODIS' re-engineering expertise is based on three pillars: a certified methodology, technical experts and software support tools.

We use a collaborative and transparent approach to accurately discuss improvement plans with our customers. Middle management resistance to change is the number 1 obstacle to implementing lean production, according to a survey conducted by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), a .

LEAN MANUFACTURING Lean manufacturing is the implementation of the concept that anything that does not create value in the product is to be eliminated. It is the concept of more value for less work. It is the concept of more value for less work.

Lean is a revolution—it isn’t just about using tools, or changing a few steps in our manufacturing processes—it's about the complete change of our businesses—how the supply chain operates, how the directors direct, how the managers manage, how employees—people—go about their daily work.

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