Ethical issues in integrated marketing communication

Other issues with ethical implications are not as clear-cut, and the consequences -- especially for the consumer -- may be serious. Subliminal Messaging Inserting subliminal messages in marketing material is an effort to manipulate the thinking of the consumer.

Ethical issues in integrated marketing communication

Advertising is a billion-worth worldwide industry, with implications at the rational and emotional level of the targeted audience. Therefore, more advertising research is needed. The authors' analysis tackles the message constructs, their impact on the audience and how ethical issues can be addressed, from self-regulation to ad banning, as well as all the necessary measures that should be taken to protect vulnerable consumers.

Useful insights were provided by looking at the current research and best practices in the field. To better illustrate the authors' perspective, a set of case studies are discussed, and recommendations with a clear, practical value are drafted. Chapter Preview Top Introduction The chapter aims to explain how the integrated marketing communication process takes place and what the sensitive issues are in relation to advertising and its effects on different segments of the targeted audience.


Moreover, it will explain why the current practice in marketing communication needs to be regulated for ethical reasons.

Some of the powerful and persuasive messages could have harmful effects on vulnerable groups of consumers. From this perspective, the psychological effects of advertising will be analysed and a view will be provided of how marketers take advantage of those groups in a more or less ethical way.

Marketing communication is important for many reasons: The content of the message could generate both a positive attitude and a negative one, depending on how it is constructed by means of language and signs. Who is going to protect them?


Therefore, marketing communication in all its forms should be scrutinised constantly to identify unethical constructs, no matter how powerful, efficient and profitable they are for companies.

In addition, a basic principle of advertising practice is that promotional messages are targeted at a specific audience Zinkhan, This chapter is equally built on an analysis of case studies regarding ethical issues and a categorisation of these issues is delivered, focusing on possible regulatory measures.

Ethical issues in integrated marketing communication

The objectives of the chapter are: A set of principles and rules regulating the communication which takes place between sellers and buyers. He, then, designs a map of the reality perceived combining new entries with the existing ones. The message is part of the cognitive process and differs largely from a person to another, due to past experiences, subjectivity, expectations.

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Basically, each person has his own view of the reality. A planned process, which involves a coordination of all marketing communication tools and resources into a well-articulated program, especially designed to maximize the impact on consumers, modelling their behaviour and influencing their buying decision, all at a minimal cost.

The use of language and signs to transmit a message by a sender organization to one or more audience target groups aiming to inform, to persuade, to convince and to help creating a certain meaning.

All the promotional elements of the marketing mix, used to communicate messages to a targeted audience and to contribute to the growth of the marketing performance.

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The marketing communication is a mix of activities such as: The main purpose of all marketing communications is to construct a positive attitude through language and signs.integrated marketing communication decisions.

Advertising and promotion are areas where a lapse in ethical standards or judgment can result in actions that are highly visible and.

Ethical issues in integrated marketing communication

Marketing ethics should be applied to the marketing communication process in its various forms from advertisers, sales promotions, package designers, public relations to point-of-sale to ensure socially responsible and culturally sensitive business communications.

This chapter explores the marketing communication process at all its stages, unveiling the vulnerable aspects and raising awareness about ethical issues. Advertising is a billion-worth worldwide industry, with implications at the rational and emotional level of the targeted audience. By Monique Goodyer.

The concept of marketing has existed since the start of time, but it recently has become an area of high contention where legal and ethical issues in marketing are dubious and ill .

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Ethical standards for business are important, particularly in the age of the Internet where information is accessible to anyone and may remain online indefinitely. False advertising is a familiar. ethical issues involved in integrated marketing communication in nigeria Law is defined as the written and unwritten rules on human conduct derived from enactments, customs, and judicial precedents which are recognized as generally binding in a human community in.

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