How to write a minority report

Synopsis[ edit ] John Anderton is the head of the Precrime Division. One day, he receives a report that he is going to murder a Leopold Kaplan, a man he never met. At first he goes on the run, but later turns to the offensive to figure out why the precogs identified him as a killer.

How to write a minority report

Hire Writer In the six years that this operation has been active not a single murder has been committed.

how to write a minority report

The film Minority Report is a very philosophical movie and deals with one of the biggest philosophical disciplines called metaphysics. The director Steven Spielberg has once again made a movie that requires the audience to think outside the plot about the theme and moral of the story.

Spielberg made this movie from a philosophical point of view and it deals with a number of metaphysical questions and ideas. The main idea raised in the film questions our sight and how we perceive things.

It deals with the questions: How does one see? What does one see? How do we understand what we see or think we see? To make this idea clear from the start, Spielberg decided to make the first image of the movie blurry and undetectable until slowly evolving the image to a contorted kiss between a couple who are unidentifiable.

Steven Spielberg uses this particular scene of the wife cheating on her husband because it is very common in our society and it also brings out the metaphysical questions in this movie. The question that deals with how we understand what we see and what one sees is explained in this case when Howard Marks discovers that his wife is sleeping with another man.

The way he decides to deal with his problem brings us to the question how we understand what we see. Instead of dealing with his problem verbally with his wife, he makes a mistake and decides that killing her is the best option.

The question that deals with how one sees is portrayed throughout the entire movie. Spielberg uses the eyeball as a major symbol to represent the metaphysical question that has to do with how one sees. For example, in this particular scene John Anderton hires a criminal surgeon to remove his own eyeballs and replace them with a new set that will allow him to pass undetected through the universal retinal scans.

This brings us to the other metaphysical topics that deal with free will and determinism. If people are free to do what they please, then they should not be stopped in the middle of their act of committing a crime.

Relying on a faulty psychic also raises the issue of free will and whether or not people in society are being given the rights they deserve. Determinism is the philosophical idea that every event, act, and decision is the destined consequence of previous occurrences that are independent of the human will.

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Learn more about our ranking methodology and the schools in . "Minority Report" is a solid, sleek action movie draped in a mantle of philosophical ponderings, and only the clumsy action sequences bog it down. Even if you're not a fan of Cruise, this movie should be seen. - 3 - • Bequest from Marguerite Hornbeck to the University of California’s Board of Regents for scholarships for “very poor, American, Caucasian scholars” in The majority report expresses regret that the dissenting member chooses to disassociate him(her)self from the majority report, but states in the majority report that all persons who read the majority report should also read and consider the minority report.

Minority Report is a film directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the story by Philip Dick. The film takes place in the District of Columbia in the year two thousand fifty four.

The protagonist, John Anderton who is played by Tom Cruise is the Chief of the Pre-Crime cops, whose job is to prevent murders before they occur. "The Minority Report" is a science fiction short story by American writer Philip K.

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Dick, first published in Fantastic Universe. In a future society, three mutants foresee all crime before it occurs. Plugged into a great machine, First published:

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