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We review several occult biographies on this page containing many occult truths The White Brother: This very scarce occult autobiography describes one seeker's eventful journey through the Occult Jungle in search of Truth.

Little buddha

Plot[ edit ] Tibetan Buddhist monks from a monastery in Bhutanled by Lama Norbu, are searching for a child who is the rebirth of a great Buddhist teacher, Lama Dorje. Lama Norbu and his fellow monks believe they have found a candidate for the child in whom Lama Dorje is reborn: The monks come to Seattle in order to meet the boy.

Jesse is fascinated with the monks and their way of life, but his parents, Dean and Little buddha, are wary, and that wariness turns into near-hostility when Norbu announces that he wants to take Jesse back with him to Bhutan to be tested.

Dean changes his mind however, when one of his close friends and colleagues commits suicide because he went broke. Dean then decides to travel to[Bhutan with Jesse.

In Nepaltwo children who are also candidates for the rebirth are encountered, Raju and Gita. In ancient Nepal, a prince called Siddhartha turns his back on his comfortable and protected life, and sets out on a journey to solve the problem of universal suffering.

As he progresses, he learns profound truths about the nature of life, consciousnessand reality. Ultimately, he battles Mara a demon representing the egowho repeatedly tries to divert and destroy Siddhartha.

Through the final complete realization of the illusory nature of his own ego, Siddhartha attains enlightenment and becomes the Buddha. In the final scenes of the movie, it is found that all three children are rebirths of Lama Dorje, separate manifestations of his body Rajuspeech Gitaand mind Jesse.

His work finished, Lama Norbu enters a deep state of meditation and dies.

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As the funeral ceremony begins, Lama Norbu speaks to the children, seemingly from a higher plane, telling them to have compassion; and just before the credits roll the children are seen distributing his ashes. At the very end of the film credits, the sand mandala that was seen being constructed during the movie is destroyed, "with one swift stroke.Little Buddha Egypt is running two sister venues of Buddha Paris at Hurghada Red Sea Egypt and Sharm El Sheikh.

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Little buddha

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