Nla i writing awards and grants

His father, Donald Edwin King, was a merchant seaman. Donald was born under the surname Pollock, but as an adult, used the surname King.

Nla i writing awards and grants

It includes Glen Davis and Glen Alice, both very historic villages. The Valley is the largest enclosed Gorge in the Southern Hemisphere, being almost 30km across and sitting about m above sea-level and until recently, a hidden gem. Its present economy is farming and mining, plus whatever the often semi-retired professionals bring to it, whether artists, writers, IT communicators or in the hospitality industry.

The gorge extends for more than km, said to be one of the longest gorges in Australia. Historically, the Capertee Valley was a sleepy, peaceful abode of the Wiradjuri people until white settlement, when the Wiradjuri people suffered horrific slaughter and annihilation recorded in my Wiradjuri Nation site ; particularly after Martial Law was declared against the native people.

He was joined by the Corlis and Gallagher families in the s, who established sheep and wool farms. In the gold rush days of the s, gold was found in the nearby Turon River and settlement began in the present village of Capertee around a good source of water nearby.

The old lock-up, which was built incan still be seen behind the present police station. The railway came in ; then a tent school was founded, replaced by a pre-fab building in The first hotel was burnt down twice, and the present hotel, built in the s, was built with some of the sandstone from the second building, which was built around Mining continued to bring the area employment, with good mineral resources of coal, limestone and oil shale.

Oil shale was first discovered around by local grazier BR McLean. The first shale oil lease was granted in to MPI Mining Development, but it later abandoned the scheme.

Abouttons of oil shale was extracted from the area between andbut by mining had almost ceased. During The Great Depression, people came to the area and built mud huts along the Turon River in an attempt to find affordable housing for their families and possibly a job in mining.

But in spite of the mining decline, the villagers must have been so struck by the beauty of the region, many stayed, albeit some of them in very meagre housing that included some people living in caves in the cliff faces and other innovative abodes.

So the school and the village of Capertee struggled on, the school having 82 pupils in The present school was built inreplacing the old building. Fifty two local men joined the WWI armed services - a very high proportion of the population.

Airly Village, about 8km east of Capertee was founded, mining being the attraction there, and Torbane had about men working there by In spite of the Torbane mine petering out, a new venture built an aerial railway to the Torbane siding inbut it also fizzled.

The Newnes mine closed in the early s, leaving Capertee as the only source of oil for Australia. A committee began to investigate the feasibility of sourcing the oil inleading to the formation of the National Oil Proprietary Ltd inwhich led to the old oil shale tunnel at Glen Davis of being re-opened at the eastern end of the Capertee Valley.

In the s, Glen Davis grew to a population of about people, about of them employed at the mine. A pipeline was built to storage tanks at Newnes Junction, following the route of the railway line which was removed in the s.

In the first oil was produced and in some 4, gallons were produced, with miners being employed. Supply was scarce by and the end of government support via the Chifley Labor Government, combined with crude oil available from the Middle East, closed the works in Open-cut coalmining in the area also began to dwindle as cheaper mines were founded overseas.

The wartime petrol shortage caused the Government to organise a revival of oil shale mining and treatment in Much of the equipment from the abandoned Newnes oil shale works was transferred to Glen Davis. A pipeline was built so that products could be pumped to storage tanks at Newnes Junction.

The pipeline followed the route of the Newnes railway line which was removed in the 's. In the first oil was produced and in some 4, gallons were produced. Although the mining industry waxed and waned, the villagers would not give in, turning their hand to whatever they could.

Survival came from the railway, with wool freight being lucrative during the Korean War and railway crews swapping shifts in the valley.

nla i writing awards and grants

Once again, the decline of wool prices in the s, the introduction of diesel trains, and cattle farming becoming popular, caused another shift in fortune.the 1st international asean-english language teaching conference.

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Stephen Edwin King (born September 21, ) is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction and books have sold more than million copies, many of which have been adapted into feature films, miniseries, television series, and comic books.

King has published 58 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and six non-fiction books. the 1st international asean-english language teaching conference.

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