Prescriptive and emergent strategies

The Prescriptive and Emergent Approaches to Strategic Management The Prescriptive and Emergent Approaches to Strategic Management 1 January Management Various definitions, approaches and theories have been put forward by scholars to explain strategic management, all looking at the process of strategy at different angles, from two approaches, the emergent and the Prescriptive approaches, trying to propose superiority on either approaches. Some scholars like Porter even advocate other alternative to strategic management.

Prescriptive and emergent strategies

Share on Facebook For most businesses, a deliberate strategy is the most effective means to set specific goals related to growth, expansion, and profit margin.

Businesses that adhere to a deliberate strategy typically create multi-year plans to achieve their desired results.

The Prescriptive Approach

However, unforeseen circumstances can lead to a new strategy that diverges from a deliberate strategy. This emergent strategy was not an intended course of action, but it develops despite the original strategic plan, and may provide benefits and drawbacks for a business.

The Elements of an Emergent Strategy An emergent strategy is not predictable because it arises out of a specific set of circumstances that a business owner could not anticipate.

In fact, in many instances, emergent strategies do not become apparent until the deliberate strategy that was originally implemented, fails to produce the desired results.

Businesses faced with this kind of failure often adapt their plans to take advantage of the emergent strategy. Typically, emergent strategies develop from rank-and-file workers that recognize patterns and submit ideas about how to improve a process.

Example of an Emergent Strategy Employees at the shoe giant Zappos suggested that supervisors grant them the authority to process customer requests without needing to place customers on hold for approval.

This created an emergent strategy that was focused on pleasing customers by any means necessary, as opposed to adhering to standard protocol. By remaining flexible enough to shift to a winning strategy, Zappos quickly became known as a company that regularly topped the lists of the most customer-friendly businesses in the U.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Emergent Strategy One of the primary advantages of an emergent strategy is that it can help a business provide what customers actually want, rather than what businesses assumed customers wanted when they implemented a deliberate strategy.

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This is especially true when emergent strategies develop from a flawed deliberate strategy that has not produced the intended results.

In other words, emergent strategy occurs as part of the ongoing organizational activity. As a result, it does not offer a genuine alternative to more traditional deliberate strategy, especially for new businesses operating on narrow margins. Businesses, therefore, cannot abandon a deliberate strategy and rely on an emergent strategy to develop.

Emergent strategy best serves to complement and serve as a corrective measure for deliberative strategy.Prescriptive Vs Emergent Strategies Business Planning, Resources, Strategy Development 09/24/ consulting_MAC Many executives and business owners believe that it is necessary to have a detailed strategic plan in order to move their organisation from .

Process vs. Content

Typically in many strategic management textbooks, International and Global prescriptive and emergent – and mention some of the background theories that underpin them.

and global strategies. The film outlines the main areas that need to be covered. However for international and global strategies, there are some specialist extra areas. Critical Exploration of Prescriptive and Emergent approaches to Strategic management: A review paper emergent strategies present in a single organization.

R. Prescriptive and descriptive strategic management differ in the formulation of strategy. In a company that uses a prescriptive style, managers focus on the strategy formulation process.

Prescriptive and emergent strategies

They want. 1 Advantage & Disadvantage of Emergent Strategy; prescriptive and descriptive. Directions. Macro & Micro Marketing Planning & Strategies. After discussing the concepts of prescriptive strategy and the emergent strategy, we can c onclude that some researchers and strategists are c onsider the emergent approach to be the most.

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