Sectra breast tomosynthesis

Discuss Global team outlines how 3D x-ray can boost imaging November 30, -- Two new approaches to creating 3D images using x-rays could improve screening for diseases and the study of very fast processes, as well as enable analysis of material properties and provide structural information of opaque objects with unprecedented detail, according to new research in Optica. Discuss Fukushima study sheds light on childhood thyroid cancer November 29, -- The latest results of mass ultrasound screening of children for thyroid cancer after the Fukushima disaster were published online on 29 November by JAMA Otolaryngology. The study provides vital data on thyroid cancer, but may lead to more demands outside of Japan for ultrasound scans in younger people, increasing the risk of overdiagnosis.

Sectra breast tomosynthesis

High-volume mammography screening Efficient reading workflow for speed and quality In mammography screening, speed is key. With a very efficient reading workflow, you can support a high throughput of women in your mammography screening program—without compromising the quality of care.

Images are automatically aligned and displayed in the same size, regardless of modality and vendor. Cases with breast implants can easily be masked for a more efficient review.

Bone densitometry and breast imaging

Advanced diagnostic workflows Single point of access to all the information you need With a comprehensive breast imaging solution, you can access all the information you need for your work-ups in a single viewer. Review 2D mammograms, tomosynthesis exams, ultrasounds, MRIs, specimen images, photos, videos, PDFs, and even digital pathology images—all in a single solution.

Digital breast tomosynthesis reading Efficient DBT review with easy access to necessary tools Tomosynthesis images are a natural part of many breast imaging programs.

Sectra breast tomosynthesis

For reading efficiency, the review of these images, with access to the necessary specialized tools, should be an integral part of the breast imaging viewer. And, just as important, you can display and review images from any vendor in the same viewer. Tumor board meetings More efficient MDT meetings By preparing multidisciplinary team meetings—or tumor boards—directly in the regular reading workflow, you can greatly increase efficiency.

Breast tomosynthesis and the PACS | Sectra Medical

For example, annotations and image settings performed during the review are automatically applied and easily shown during the meeting. You can also quickly show related images or other relevant information during the actual discussion. Integrated diagnostic workflows Combining forces to improve patient outcomes Transparency and collaboration between disciplines speed up diagnosis and improve precision, which is especially important in cancer care.

With not only all radiology-related data but also the digital pathology images available in the same viewer, you get a broader patient overview and efficient correlation of findings between radiology and pathology.

It also lets radiologists and pathologists efficiently work side by side in the multidisciplinary team meetings. Telemammography Vendor-neutrality and multi-modality support is key Whether you run a telemammography service, receive priors from other organizations, or provide second opinions, being able to display images from different modalities and vendors is vital.

As is connecting patient data with multiple patient identifiers. A vendor-neutral solution with multi-modality support, including digital tomosynthesis and MR, helps you build highly efficient reading workflows.1 day ago · Sectra breast imaging is a component of Sectra's scalable and modular enterprise imaging portfolio, which can be extended to other image-intense departments such .

Sectra Launches Support for Breast Tomosynthesis Images in PACS Tomosynthesis is an emerging technology within breast imaging. Since most PACS do not support images of this type, a dedicated modality workstation is usually needed in order to read tomosynthesis images. While dedicated breast CT remains promising, breast tomosynthesis is now clinical technology, with different systems having received approval for clinical use around the world and one system being approved in the U.S.

over the last few years (Sectra Microdose, now Philips Healthcare, Best, The . Course Faculty and Objectives. Half-day morning sessions, Wednesday through Sunday. Friday lectures focus on Breast MRI and Tomosynthesis, Saturday session includes parallel workshops with challenging cases.

Sectra breast imaging is a component of Sectra's scalable and modular enterprise imaging portfolio, which can be extended to other image-intense departments such as . Conclusions: For experienced readers, there is no evidence of improved diagnostic accuracy when using 2-view or 1- view tomosynthesis, while less experienced readers perform better with 2-view tomosynthesis than 2D images.

Tomosynthesis reduces the number of recall of benign cases, without hindering cancer detection.

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