Spiritual assessment

Finding and fulfilling your God-given purpose is one of the greatest discoveries you will make in life. The Bible tells us, "we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Want more information about shape before you start? Getting Started create an account 1.

Spiritual assessment

Spiritual assessment

Spiritual Assessment Defined Spiritual assessment is the process by which health care providers can identify a patient's spiritual needs pertaining to their mental health care. The determination of spiritual needs and resources, evaluation of the impact of beliefs on healthcare outcomes and decisions, and discovery of barriers to using spiritual resources are all outcomes of a thorough spiritual assessment.

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Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D. When I started the year-long human sexuality training program at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, we were given the assignment to pair up and interview each other about our sexual histories--our first sexual memories, wet dreams, masturbation, petting, intercourse, sexual problems etc.

After all, if we were going to ask our patients about their sexual experiences and problems, we needed to be comfortable listening to and talking openly about sexuality. Although we were all licensed mental health professionals, we had not been trained to talk with patients about their sexual functioning or problems, and this exercise was a great way to desensitize us as in "systematic desensitization" to the topic of sexuality.

I have found the same approach to be helpful with the topic of spirituality, and have developed the following interview as a desensitization exercise for training mental health professionals to conduct assessments of spirituality.

I have used it at numerous workshops and conference, and in my experience, most mental heath professionals have an untapped reservoir of spiritual depth that they have not had permission to bring it into their clinical practices. I have also used this assessment with patients in both the dual diagnosis and chronic pain groups I have led at the San Francisco VA.

The interview below was developed after consulting many assessment instruments published in books and articles, and disseminated at conference presentations. It can usually be completed in 10 minutes.

Spiritual Assessment Interview A. What religion did your family practice when you were growing up? How religious were your parents?

Do you practice a religion currently? Do you believe in God or a higher power?

Assessing Spirituality

Do you follow any spiritual path or practice e. What significant spiritual experiences have you had e. In what way s? How has prayer worked in your life? Have your prayers been answered? Record your answers for later insertion into the Quiz.

Another approach to spiritual assessment uses the acronym FICA. Record your answer for later insertion into the Quiz. HOPE Assessment Yet another approach to spiritual assessment is entitled HOPE, where H--sources of hope, strength, comfort, meaning, peace, love and connection O--the role of organized religion for the patient P--personal spirituality and practices E--effects on medical care and end-of-life decisions Questions used in this approach are on included in this article:X Spiritual Gifts Test % FREE, alphabetnyc.com the test and see where you fit in the body of Christ.

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Subscribe to our Question of the Week. Get our Questions of the Week delivered right to your inbox! Spiritual Assessment Defined. Spiritual assessment is the process by which health care providers can identify a patient's spiritual needs pertaining to their mental health care. It is an aptitude test geared toward providing information through test results for self-assessment, career awareness and career guidance of junior high school students of .

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Learn More. Christians, become better equipped to serve the Lord or help others in their ministries with this spiritual gifts ministry equipping to identify and develop gifting. Fitchett, G., & Risk, J.

Screening for Spiritual Risk. Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling. In. Press. Summary. For years George Fitchett has been the leading authority on spiritual assessment and.

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