Strategic business planning certification

Course Fees Overview The course will provide you with the skills and insights to develop strategy and resolve organisational issues, understand yourself and others and then to expand and capitalise on the learned skills to operate more effectively in your management teams. You will learn the importance of flexibility, focus, empathy, encouragement using a well-balanced approach, and that awareness, thinking styles, problem solving skills, emotional intelligence and cultural matters are important in guiding both yourself and others towards success, creating smart people and people-smart strategies.

Strategic business planning certification

strategic business planning certification

His experience in business start-ups, consulting and international business markets have given Sal a broad perspective on continually changing business environments.

As a life-long entrepreneur, Sal has successfully owned and managed various enterprises including a restaurant, IT service and marketing company. For more information, you can find Sal on LinkedIn. He brings over 30 years' experience as a manager, director, president and CEO in the energy industry, including over 15 years as an entrepreneur building upstream oil and gas, consulting and service companies, domestically and internationally.

For over 20 years, Rick has facilitated, consulted, coached and taught management and leadership development programs for various corporate clients and institutions.

strategic business planning certification

Rick has been involved with co-creating and consulting on strategic planning and execution, corporate development and innovation, problem solving and decision making for a variety of organizations. Rick is coauthor of Integrative Leadership and The Business Case for Leadership Developmentamong other published articles.

Rick is a speaker, author, facilitator, consultant and coach.

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He consults to organizations through Integrative Leadership International and can be found on LinkedIn. Rowena also works with universities and public schools throughout Canada in developing community youth excellence through various learning initiatives.

Through all of her professional and personal endeavours, Rowena pursues a love for growth, learning, and organizational excellence. She can be found on LinkedIn. Judy McMillan-Evans is a life-long entrepreneur and educator with a passion for supporting the growth and success of organizations and other entrepreneurs.

As the principal of McMillan-Evans Consulting, Judy works closely with managers, executive leaders, organizations and communities on various aspects of their business, including strategic planning, business plan development, marketing plan development, human resource management, staff and management training and workplace coaching.

For over 20 years, Judy has successfully led organizations and their management teams and staff through the critical process of strategic planning. Judy has also shared her talents and expertise to support the curriculum development and instruction of various professional development programs at Mount Royal University, including Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Management Development, Human Resources Management, Nonprofit Management and Strategic Management.

In everything she does, Judy offers fun, passion, experience, knowledge and creativity with a strong focus on developing and empowering people and organizations.

As a strategy and start-up specialist, Glenn works with individuals, start-ups and existing businesses through WriteMyPlan. Glenn can be found on LinkedIn. He has extensive profit and loss responsibility, strategic planning, and strategy execution experience in addition to overseeing numerous major projects and corporate initiatives with a variety of organizations.

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Brad is a thought-leader who has been invited to present at conferences, events and post-secondary institutions on topics ranging from industry specific issues and trends to broader economic impact themes related to cities, workforce trends and career opportunities.

Brad has been active throughout his career serving on the Board of Directors with a variety of corporate, not-for-profit, industry associations and crown corporations which has allowed him the opportunity to glean insights and perspectives from a variety of industries and operating businesses.

He has also obtained his ICD. D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors.Enrolling in a strategic planning certification course is the best thing that you can do especially if you plan on understanding all the major components and essential elements of an effective strategic plan.

With the help of this certification course, you will no longer find it hard to develop a strategic plan which is sure to help your organization stay on . The achievement of strategic business objectives is quite clearly related to the people who work in the business.

Their knowledge, skills, and motivation to learn are key to increased sales, improved brand reputation, efficient production, and competitive advantage.

Our training course is designed for senior managers to help them identify and plan the future strategy of their organization, help them understand current structures and challenges, as well as to forecast changes needed, to be fit for the future.

Training Industry research indicates that strategic alignment is the most important capability of training managers, and experience plays that out.

Learning Outcomes - Strategic Business Planning Training Course Premium Subscription on smartKPIs. One research report from the Top 25 KPIs series; 5.
Strategic Management Programme Each part of this course has several sub-modules and activities.
Introduction CONTACT US Program Description This one-day workshop is structured so that participants understand the relevant concepts and skills that are used by corporate leaders in their strategic planning process.

Cat Lang, the new CLO at Appirio, says that the CLO plays a “pretty critical” role as a “strategic partner” to other executives. Team training in strategic planning; Our track record includes: Significant changes in strategy, systems, structure and staffing would be required to succeed in the changed business environment.

A strategic plan was developed to engineer the shift. Annual operational plans were developed to implement the strategic plan. Business Plan Training Centre Azerbaijan February 3 CONTENTS 5 SELECTION AND PLANNING OF TRAINING PROGRAMMES Long-Term Objectives The main purpose of training is to improve the road transport sector in Azerbaijan to become efficient and .

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