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And with all this bestial behaviour, they avoided the sick as much as possible. In this suffering and misery of our city, the authority of human and divine laws almost disappeared, for, like other men, the ministers and the executors of the laws were all dead or sick or shut up with their families, so that no duties were carried out.

The stoey of an eyewitness by

Flipboard Written by 60 Minutes producer Shari Finkelstein. For starters, there is the issue of race.


Jennifer is white; her rapist was black. Studies have shown again and again that people of all different races do much less well identifying strangers of another race.

It happens when white people try to identify African-Americans and vice versa. It is also the case between whites and Asians, Asians and African-Americans, and all different permutations. Gary Wells, the psychology professor from Iowa State who showed Lesley side by side photos of Ronald Cotton and Bobby Poole the man who actually raped Jennifertold us that when white people see the two faces, they tend to think they look amazingly similar, while African-Americans look at the same two pictures and say they look nothing alike.

And then there is the issue of stress. Lesley and I did a story a few years ago about the effect of stress and heightened emotion on memory. It was in the context of trying to use a beta blocking drug called propranolol to help prevent trauma victims from developing post-traumatic stress disorder, and the basic memory mechanisms we learned about both in rats and humans involved how adrenaline strengthened the consolidation of memories.

What we learned in that story is what apparently many jurors bring into the courtroom - a belief that when someone experiences a stressful event, the rush of adrenaline sears that memory into the brain in a way that makes it impossible to forget. But what we learned in researching this story is basically the opposite, which at first was tremendously disconcerting to me, since it seemed to be showing that our previous reporting was flawed.

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What really interesting research by a Yale University psychologist named Charles Morgan has shown is that when U. How could that possibly be? Gary Wells has an explanation: Another study by Gary Wells surprised us as well.

When Ronald Cotton first came to the police station to try to clear his name, he gave Detective Mike Gauldin an elaborate alibi - lots of details about where he had been and who he had been with on the night of the rape, that turned out to be wrong. It seemed at the time to be damning evidence that he was lying, and probably guilty.

But Wells has done a study where he asks college students to come in and report where they were and what they were doing at particular times on days a few weeks in the past.

The stoey of an eyewitness by

Then Wells sent them off to research their own alibis, and it turned out that 25 percent of his subjects came back and had to change their alibis. He said what really surprised him was that people were so confident of where they had been in the first place.

They thought they knew. And back to the specific details of the story of Jennifer and Ron - perhaps the most stunning thing to realize in reporting this story is how eerily unlikely it was that Ronald Cotton would end up where he is today - a free man.Aug 22,  · And then there is the issue of stress.

Lesley and I did a story a few years ago about the effect of stress and heightened emotion on memory. What do you know about Jack London, the San Francisco Earthquake, and our Words 2 Know for the week? The Stoey of an Eyewitness by Jack London Essay On April 18,, San Francisco was wrecked by a powerful earthquake and for the next few days was consumed by .


Oct 16,  · The story of young teenagers and pupils on Hartvig Nissens upper secondary school in Oslo, and their troubles, scandals and everyday life. Each season is told from a different person's point of view/10(4K). 3. London in sold the story right to Macmillan for $2, 4.

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Jack started selling newspapers at the age of ten 5. London left for gold in the Klondike but only came back being very sick 6. In he started publishing articles in Overland Monthly 7. London made it a practice of writing at least 1, words a day 8.

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, also called The Mad Messiah, is a television miniseries about the Peoples Temple led by Jim Jones, and their mass suicide at on the book by Charles A.

Krause, entitled Guyana Massacre: The Eyewitness Account, the film was originally shown on television on April 15,

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