Trinidad education

Raiesa Ali, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs Trinidad and Tobago may begin the process of paving the way for structural reforms within the Caribbean by making dramatic changes to its education system.

Trinidad education

Primary Education Education is a high priority in the country and Trinidad and Tobago enjoys a fine reputation in this regard. It is free and compulsory for children from ages 5 to Non-mandatory pre-school may begin as early as age 3.

Primary school starting age 5, comprises 7 grades followed by a secondary entrance assessment. Families take the matter seriously too, and for a few weeks the nation feels the strain. Secondary Education Secondary school is compulsory for the first 5 years during which time a traditional academic curriculum is followed.

Following completion of their Caribbean secondary education certificate, students may stay on at secondary school for a further 2 years. This may lead to a Caribbean advanced proficiency certificate and entrance to tertiary education.

Vocational Education The national training agency is responsible for monitoring and improving the quality of vocational training in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad education

It does this in partnership with all the relevant partners, and has achieved much during its jurisdiction. Tertiary Education University education is free too, but only at undergraduate level and only at approved universities. The Campus of the University of the West Indies was established at Saint Augustine in and enjoys a good reputation.If you follow an international program of study or a Canadian high school program, you’ll find the admissions requirements on the following pages: American curriculum, British-patterned education, French Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate, or Canadian high schools.

The Ministry of Education – The Ministry is a high performing and dynamic organization leading a quality education system that is responsive to the diverse needs of 21st century learners to contribute to the education and versatility of holistically developed children who are able to satisfy the human capital needs and sustainable development of society.

Trinidad education

Trinidad and Tobago may begin the process of paving the way for structural reforms within the Caribbean by making dramatic changes to its education system. The country of about million people is attempting to reform higher education so that it may increase its economic output.

In addition to. The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago provides an accountable court system in which timeliness and efficiency are the hallmarks, while still protecting integrity, fairness, equality and accessibility and attracting public trust and confidence.

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